Third triplet of Yaogan 30 satellites launched by China this year

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Lifting-off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China, a Long March 2C (CZ-2C) rocket has carried four satellites in to LEO. The mission took place at 0019 GMT on 19 July. The primary payloads carried were the three Yaogan 30 spacecraft – the tenth such group launched by China. They were joined by another IoT data-relay, Tianqi-15, for Beijing Guodian Gaoke Technology Co. repeating this company’s tried-and-true, co-payload launch strategy.

The Long March 2C rocket lifts-off carrying its four payloads into orbit. Courtesy of Xinhua/Zhu Jihan

The Yaogan 30 satellites are believed to be maritime SIGINT units in the same vein as the American NOSS spacecraft.

Notably on this launch the fairings were reportedly modified and equipped with parachutes in an experimental recovery attempt. Equipping these items with parachutes also has the benefit of helping to avoid dangerous down-range debris, since most Chinese launches fly over its own land. There have been no reports as to the success or failure of this experiment at the time of writing.

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