30 April 2015: Seradata is pleased to announce the release of SpaceTrak3, a new version of the world renowned SpaceTrak launch and spacecraft database which has significant database, data content and reporting improvements. The new SpaceTrak3 system takes Space risk and market analysis to a new level, providing a world class user environment in the field professional business information. The release is the result of more than 12 months of technical development and investment.


SpaceTrak3 links together four key reporting areas: Individual Spacecraft, Launch Vehicles, Spacecraft Buses (Platforms) and Companies plus a Dashboard to track the latest changes.  SpaceTrak3 represents a step-change improvement to the previous service with structural changes now allowing the historical ownership of spacecraft to be tracked.  At the heart of SpaceTrak3 is its new Query Tool which is designed to be both powerful and easy-to-use. A key feature of this is customised queries which may be saved by users enabling them to extract the data fields and event classes they want at the touch of a button.

Data and software initiatives have also made other improvements including the introduction of new fields ranging from new mass categories to subsystem technical data.  New life/capacity loss data also drives the launch and in-orbit failure rate calculations and charts making the results a more accurate representation of each spacecraft’s or launch vehicle’s reliability.

In summary, SpaceTrak3’s key new features include:

  • A powerful and easy-to-use query tool with the ability for clients to save their own queries
  • A dashboard as a quick reference for latest information
  • Dynamic reports on spacecraft, buses and launchers
  • New company reports covering owner/operators, manufacturers and launch providers
  • Restructured data with ownership event histories
  • New fields on status, categories and subsystems
  • Capacity and life loss analysis for reliability reporting

Seradata’s Managing Director, Tim Fuller, said:

“With SpaceTrak3, we have tried to give our clients both the space data service they want and the one that they need. We’ve been working our socks off behind the scenes and it’s fantastic to see that work come to fruition, on budget and just about on schedule. This has not only been a great product upgrade, we have also replaced our entire data publishing suite. We would like to thank all of those who have given us support in this endeavour including our staff, our software contractor Morphics and, most importantly, our customers.  Seradata’s Beta test clients have been especially helpful with their input and we are happy to report that they have been effusive in their praise for the new SpaceTrak3 system. We hope and expect that the rest of our clients will feel the same way.”

Information about SpaceTrak:

Derived originally from the former Space Review spaceflight data publication first published openly in 1980, SpaceTrak followed on from a simpler database called ECCO.  SpaceTrak has been in existence since 1997 and was originally delivered to clients on floppy disk and later CD Rom. In 2005, the database and analytical reports were moved onto an online environment and called SpaceTrak2.  SpaceTrak is currently used by spacecraft operators and manufacturers, launch providers, insurance brokers and underwriters, consultants, universities and space agencies.  Renowned for its unbiased and complete data on launch and in-orbit insurance losses as well as failure rates, SpaceTrak’s data is specifically mentioned in the wordings of some space insurance policies.  In April 2015, Seradata released a new version of SpaceTrak called SpaceTrak3 with new structural, data and reporting improvements.

Information about Seradata Limited:

Seradata was formed in December 2013 after a management buyout of the space department of Flightglobal, Reed Business Information Limited’s publisher of aviation databases and news services.  Before this, the space department had been part of the aviation consultancy Ascend which was acquired by Reed Business Information.  Ascend itself had been spun off from the aviation loss adjuster and information firm, Airclaims Limited, within which the SpaceTrak database had originated.

For more information or to arrange an online demonstration or training session contact Seradata at info@seradata.com and +44 (0)1858 778 006