credit JAXA / caption: this low res picture shows a possible future JAXA Selene-X lunar lander

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has released infromation about the latest meeting for the global exploration strategy, agreed in 2007. Its International Space Exploration Coordination Group met for the third time in Yokohama, Japan from 10-12 March

JAXA has published a summary of the three lunar exploration scenarios the ISECG agreed to investigate between now and mid-2010 as part of the ongoing multi-lateral lunar architecture study that has seen lunar architecture workshops conducted in September and October last year and February this year. Under the Lunar Sortie Mission Scenario summary it says

The main characteristic of this type of mission is that the crew lives out of the NASA Altair lander (or another human lunar lander)

But one assumes that if you can live out of a lander for a week it can also transport you to whatever outpost is established and help with logistics

I’ll be talking to the space agencies about the ISECG exploration scenarios over the coming week, hopefully, so expect more soon