Analysis: Most convincing satellite evidence of the month…that Russian (toy) tanks are not up to the mark

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While NATO used DigitalGlobe’s commercially available high-resolution satellite imagery to prove that Russian columns of armoured vehicles and motorised artillery had entered Ukraine (since backed up by French satellite observations), Russian diplomats have riposted with their notional NATO satellite image. The Russian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates sent this photograph out via Twitter jesting that it was NATO’s most convincing photographic evidence yet.

NATO’s M1A1 Abhams (USA), Challenger 2 (UK), Leclerk (France), and Leopard 2 (Germany) tank designs are thought to significantly better than Russia’s T-72 and T-90 counterparts, even if the British Army reportedly only has 36 of its excellent Challenger 2 tanks serviceable due to funding cuts.

From the above picture it is also evident that Western toy tanks are much better than Russia ones.  Modern models from Dragon/Forces of Valour etc (see below) are much more detailed, while even the simpler Dinky and Corgi tanks of the 1960s and 1970s would give them a run for their money.


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