EADS Astrium has announced that ATV-2 Johannes Kepler is undergoing flightworthiness and functionality tests. Its press release says:

“Johannes Kepler”, the second unmanned European cargo spacecraft for the International Space Station (ISS), is currently undergoing its first flightworthiness and functionality tests as a fully integrated unit at the Astrium facility in Bremen. Preparations for the final system tests are running at full capacity. The delivery date for “Johannes Kepler” has been slated for November 2010. On behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA), Astrium is responsible for both the development and production of the ATVs. The production of ATV units two to five, as well as mission preparation and operations support, is covered by the contract which governs the operation and provision of European components to the ISS. Astrium is responsible for carrying out these activities on behalf of ESA.

Go here for Hyperbola’s exclusive video of ATV-2 under construction. This blog still thinks Kurd Lasswitz is a good name