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credit NASA / caption: Will this simulation become reality by the end of August

Elon Musk, Space Exploration Technologies’ chief executive and chief technology officer, spoke at the Space Foundation’s 25th National Space Symposium on 1 April 2009

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Hear Musk refer to the maiden flight of his Falcon 9 rocket from its space launch complex 40 at Cape Canaveral as being in “late summer,” which I would imagine is end of August. Aerospace schedules being what they are that could easily become September; so much for the reports of a June launch

Three videos were shown during Musk’s session and I have edited out the audio from those but you’ll hear Musk refer to them. Hyperbola hopes to have a complete video of this session, and others from the symposium in the next few days. To see the COTS-D video Musk refers to go here