Bigelow’s big announcement

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This interview with hotelier and commercial spaceflight entrepreneur Robert Bigelow qoutes him as saying he is to invest in a capsule that could fit on a Khrunichev Space Center Proton, a Lockeed Martin Atlas 5 or a Space Exploration Technologies’ Falcon 9. I rang the company and there is no more information available for now

Bigelow had already announced that he was accelerating his private orbital complex timetable following the success of his two Genesis spacecraft and then in October said that he would offer a $700+ million contract for the development of a transportation system

Well we now have a few more details about that system

Meanwhile another company has anounced its proposal for NASA’s stab at commercial transportation, its “COTS” programme

Talking of commercial ventures another spaceport has raised its head, but this time not at the Cape but at Cecil Field naval air station

But in Virginia they are going one stage further with their spaceport and even politicians are getting interested in a transatlantic suborbital prize

If you are planning on making such a trip then maybe you’d like to read about thrust augmentation nozzles; personally I am not entirely convinced this blogger actually understands what thrust augmentation is but when has lack of knowledge ever stopped anyone from pouring forth?

Hobbyspace provides a useful link to a whole load of material put online by the National Space Society

But perhaps you’re more interested in paying upwards of $20,000 for original Werner von Braun technical papers on rocket development dating from 1930s Nazi Germany?

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