Boeing wins case against Russian and Ukrainian Sea Launch partners

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Boeing has won its case in a US District Court in California against its former partners in the Sea Launch operation, the Russian firm of RSC Energia, and the Ukrainian firm of Yuzhnoye, for the repayment of monies owed to it as part of the debts it incurred as Sea Launch fell into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  The court made its decision on the basis of a lack of admissible evidence that Boeing gave its partners an assurance that they would not be liable for debts incurred, or that Boeing itself had caused failure of the firm in 2009.

The Sea Launch Company eventually emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2010 in a restructured form with 95% of its shares now being held by RSC Energia. However, most operations of the firm are currently suspended.

The final damages sum are set to be awarded in November. Boeing is claiming US$356 million.

A fuller report is written by Peter De Selding in Space News:

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