spacex the movie.JPG

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NASA has produced two CGI movies of a Space Exploration Technologies and an Orbital Sciences commercial orbital transportation service demonstration programme missionNASA has not released the videos yet but I have copies of both videos and I am waiting for the OK to post them. So for now here are some screenshots


orbital wallops launch.JPG

Taurus II launch from Wallops spaceport

orbital 2.JPG

Taurus II enters orbit

orbital 3.JPG

Orbital’s Cygnus unpressurised cargo spacecraft separates from the Taurus II

orbital 7.JPG

Cygnus is berthed with the International Space Station via the ISS robotic arm


spacex movie2.JPG

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 upper stage and its Dragon spacecraft separates from the first-stage

spacex movie3.JPG

SpaceX’s Dragon separates from the Falcon 9 second stage

spacex movie4.JPG

Dragon is in close proximity to the ISS prior to the robotic berthing operation