Farnborough: Roscosmos is Russian for obfuscation (Audio)

by | Jul 16, 2008 | Russia | 1 comment

Why won’t Russia’s Federal Space Agency (FSA) aka Roscosmos just admit that its “private investor” for the 2011 flight is Space Adventures?

At the joint Russian delegation press conference yesterday I recorded my brief question and answer opportunity with FSA/Roscosmos deputy director Vitaly Davidov about the 2011 private spaceflight agreement, the cooperation with South Korea and Soyuz in Kourou

 I never got an answer to the third part, maybe that was the translator’s mistake, but I didn’t get much about Korea or this mooted 2011 flight either

Click here to download a recording of my very brief Q&A at the press conference in Russian and English. The recording begins with the translator asking my questions in Russian and then Davidov’s answers, which are translated. The sound qualty varies due to the public address system and background noise – well it is an airshow!

Essentially Davidov said that with six crew the “spaceflight participants” could not go to the station but they were working on how a flight might work with the help of others, but didn’t say who they were. On South Korea he simply said that work was underway on the launch site and one of the stage’s of the rocket that is being developed jointly

Here are links to Google translated Farnborough air show related statements by the FSA on its website

14-07-2008 Today in London circulated English magazine “Military Parade”, on exhibition in Farnborough. He was called Article Roscosmos Chief A. N. Perminova

15-07-2008 FSUE “NPO Lavochkin behalf of SA” at the international aerospace salon “Farnborough Airshow – 2008”

14-07-2008 Space Center named MV Khrunichev in the composition of a joint exhibition Roscosmos for the exhibition in Farnborough-2008 ready

14-07-2008 OAO “ISS” at the exhibition “Farnborough Airshow – 2008″

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