Flexible path is doomed?

by | Apr 7, 2010 | Ares, Constellation, exploration, NASA, Space Shuttle | 3 comments

In that great tradition of immoveable objects encountering the unstoppable force it seems the force has won out and the object, the flexible path aka plan A, is succumbing to Congressional will

Certainly if you believe what NASAWatch thinks is happening behind closed doors, which it seems even Utah’s elected officials and Floridian politicians can’t access, then its going to be all change for the president Barack Obama budget request for 2011

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (see video above) is all for Shuttle extensions while between the many tears NASA administrator Charles Bolden stuck to the script and told the BBC that its game-over for Shuttle; words he didn’t repeat during his visit to Hunstville, Alabama last week

For more defence of the flexible path approach go here for C-SPAN video of the spaceflight panel at the George C Marshall Institute which spacepolitics.com reported on last week

But for some levity how about Venezualan space programme goals and troubled New York governor David Paterson’s hopes for an orbiter for his state – dream on Paterson

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