Holy Space Race: Entrepreneur has plan to put Jewish Torah on the Moon

by | May 18, 2015 | Satellites | 0 comments

The Franco-Israeli entrepreneur, Haim Aouizerate, has announced a plan to launch the Jewish religious text, the Torah, and land it on the Moon. The mission is to celebrate the Jewish religious scroll’s contribution to law and culture. Guided by the European Space Agency and the Orthodox Israeli  Zomet Institute, the project plans to launch an unmanned spacecraft carrying the Torah scroll in a specially designed capsule which will protect it during the journey and landing.   A crowd funding website has been set up called for those that want to support the mission: TorahOnTheMoon.com

Comment by David Todd: Of course, all this could lead to a “holy space race” between the Abrahamic religions. One can imagine that a similar Islamic attempt to get the Koran to Earth’s natural satellite, which would be apt given that the Moon has such a key role in the timings of Islamic culture. Likewise, Christians might attempt to launch the Bible up there as well.  Still – at least a space race would be a welcome distraction from all the military rivalries in the Middle Eastern region.

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