The Hunstville Times isn’t giving president Barack Obama’s NASA plan a good write up with its latest article about the political reaction to the flexible path to asteroids and Mars from 2025

With the headline, NASA plan: ‘Cosmic bridge to nowhere’, the article has a particularly strong qoute from a Senate staffer that says, “I don’t know how many more blunt objects we have to hit NASA over the head with”

Despite this aggressive talk what the article communicates is a view that the Moon return programme Constellation’s proponents know they are unlikely to win and save it. But its not stopping them from trying, see this post here and this one here by NASAWatch

The Huntsville article also refers to a Congressional hearinjg in mid-May. This could be the hearing that was mentoned during the last Senate hearing with NASA administrator Charles BoldenWhether Constellation is canned or not while it is currently hiding under the bed covers NASAWatch has come up with a leaked document about Bolden’s tiger or study teams for the flexible path

I can’t see much that is new in this information but this blogger has not seen any reference to nuclear propulsion before, even with Constellation documents so that is an interesting change

And finally… New York’s political leaders continue with what must be an utterly futile attempt to get an orbiter for their state. If memory serves Discovery is already going to the Smithsonian in Washington DC, leaving Atlantis, Endeavour and Enterprise to be given away. Florida has to get one, you would think, and it would seem right that California gets Enterprise as that is where the test flights took place. So who gets Atlantis and Endeavour? Houston will probably get one and maybe, Atlantis for Las Vegas?