IAC 2008: day one to come

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This year’s International Astronautical Congress begins today with an opening ceremony that the organisers claim, in the usual British understatement, will be shorter than the Beijing Oylmpic’s ceremonies, and that will be followed by a heads of agency plenary session and technical sessions

The heads of agency are from NASA, European Space Agency, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Chinese National Space Administration and the Canadian Space Agency except Russia and India who have sent deputies

In the afternoon there will be a press conference by ESA about the reentry of its Automated Transfer Vehicle Jules Verne

Tomorrow, more ESA events and Virgin Galactic has two sessions with the press. I understand it is to do with a scientific, climate change related, application for the company, which is to work with a “distinquished government [organisation] partner”

I will be live blogging as often as I can from te plenary and technical sessions. I will be also be posting video and podcasts from these sessions and interviews

I already have a video interview lined up with the Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn

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