JAXA kicks off beginning of the end for Apollo conspiracies

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If you are one of the sub-human fools who thinks that the Apollo Moon landings were faked then you’re conspiracy believing days are numbered

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has posted pictures of what it calls the “halo” generated by the Apollo 15 lunar module engine exhaust plume when it blasted off the Moon. The blast area was detected in its SELenological and ENgineering Explorer(SELENE)/Kaguya orbiter’s Terrain Camera images

JAXA describes the mission as its “first large lunar explorer”, launched by the Mitsubishi H-IIA rocket on 14 September 2007 with the objectives of understanding the Moon’s origins and evolution and characterising its mineral composition. JAXA also describes Kaguya/SELENE as “the largest lunar mission since the Apollo programme”

Is this the first post-Apollo imaging of those missions’ effects on the lunar surface? It is certainly the first step to ending this Apollo conspiracy nonsense

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) will be able to provide fuzzy images of the Apollo missions’ descent stages and Lunar Rovers everyday for over a year once the spacecraft enters its mapping orbit. The LRO’s launch is slated for end of February, early March 2009

The LRO’S camera, imaginatively given the acronym LROC, has, according to its Arizona State University based principal investigator Mark Robinson, a pixel resolution of 50cm (19in)

The Apollo descent stage is about 4.3m (14ft) across and the span from far-leg to far-leg is about 9m. So in terms of area it should provide a visibly brighter and clearly artificial geometric shape against the Moon’s grey surface

And if Google Lunar X Prize manages to put a rover on the Moon by 2014, hopefully near an Apollo landing site, then close up images of the astronauts footsteps should end the conspiracy drivel once and for all

And before people start going on about preserving the landing sites, yes, I’d prefer it if that evidence can be imaged without disturbing the footprints and equipment

This video is about the Apollo 15 landing and ascent, oh yeah, and that experiment where a hammer and feather visibly fall at the same rate. Try ‘faking’ that on Earth, conspiracy believing idiots


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