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For those of wanting quick links and less blurb, these are the stories that have peeked my interest in the last few days.

Go here for space.com’s live coverage of the launch of NASA’s Dawn asteroid mission

Russia is having to carry out more work to clean the crash site of its recent Proton-M rocket failure

JAXA now has a 19min promotional film for its Kaguya (Selene) mission

China is reported to be planning a lunar base after 2020

NASA confirms Space Shuttle Discovery’s roll out date as 29 September

Spaceref.com has a report on international collaboration talks ongoing at the 58th International Astronautical Congress, this year being held in Hyderabad in India

Hobbyspace.com has some news bites that will be of interest to Rocketplane Kistler followers

The US Federal Aviation Administration’s commercial space transportation advisory group is to meet next month

RIA Novosti reports apparent Russian intentions to build a non-military spaceport in its far east territories

And according to this article there is an Asian robotic Moon mission race underway

It seems India could be assembling satellites for European space comapny EADS Astrium too

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