On a lighter note: Earth’s Magnetic Field affects how dogs drop their doo-doo

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Young children love the Doggie Doo game (see below) for obvous reasons, but now there actually could be some science behind this activity as well.  For next time you see a dog owner having to pick up a warm steaming one with their plastic bagged hand, just have a thought into how accurately the said item has been laid.   It transpires that, according to scientific research, dogs align theirs with the Earth’s North-South magnetic field.   And if you want further information on this fascinating fact, you can see it here:


Best not send any more dogs into space lest they fly outside Earth’s magnetic and gravitational fields and thus will have nothing to go on. 🙂

As a final note on this subject, one of your correspondent’s favourite, if not entirely politically correct, jokes as told to him by a retired British Airways airline steward goes like this:  “What have airline stewardesses and doggy doo-doos got in common?  The older they get, the easier they are to pick up!”   🙂   And if a female flight attendant now drops your correspondent’s tea in his lap on his next airline flight, he will know the reason why.

By the way, whether he is on terra firma or on a plane, your correspondent would like to confirm that he will not be taking a magnetic compass with him next time he goes to the lav!  🙂

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