Lockheed Martin has trademarked the name Revolver for a space vehicle, rocket according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Hyperbola first reported in 2008 that the company’s scale-model flyback booster being flight tested at the site of Spaceport America was called Revolver

The trademark office webpage shows that Lockheed filed the trademark in August of last year and that it was “published for opposition” by the office on 29 December 2009. Published for opposition means that anyone who opposed its use by Lockheed could respond and they have 30-days in which to contact USPTO

So as far as this blog can tell Lockheed now has the name Revolver trademarked for a rocket. To find the webpage about the trademark go to this USPTO search engine and type in the serial number 77798846. The USPTO website has a time limit on searches so I can’t embed an URL linking you directly to the page via the search engine

Hyperbola is awaiting further details from Lockheed