More Virgin Galactic revelations to come

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wk2 second takeoff.jpg

credit Flight / caption: WhiteKnight Two prototype Virgin Mothership Eve makes second flight

OK revelations may be a strong word but some of you may have noticed a series of articles about that start-up spaceline appearing on This article about its customers and this one about its prospective spaceports are the first two of six articles making up a six-page feature for Flight International magazine’s 14 April edition

The remaining four articles will be published over the next few days on with the main text of the feature appearing Tuesday (14 April) evening, UK time

That final article, largely an interview with Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn, has an exclusive image from the 25 March third flight of WhiteKnight Two prototype Virgin Mothership Eve and a rather special graphic. Podcasts of that interview with Whitehorn can be found here 

For Flight’s coverage of the growing personal spaceflight industry go here to the space tourism landing page

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