Taken on STS-120 flight day 11 (2 November) NASA astronaut Daniel Tani, Expedition 16 flight engineer, is in his sleeping bag in the International Space Station’s US Unity node while Space Shuttle Discovery is docked with the station

And with the successful 4 November repair of the ISS solar array the Discovery crew prepare to return home Catch more Shuttle departure action here

Here is another STS-120 mission update care of has a sense of humour failure

But also reports NASA’s interest in the global forum for space economics

Meanwhile the US space agency also has hot off the press updates on the Hubble Space Telescope and its Pheonix Martian lander

The European Space Agency has announced that its Columbus ISS laboratory has been moved into its payload cannister in preparation for its flight on Space Shuttle Atlantis, scheduled for 6 December.


Sputnik can’t have all the anniversary limelight, while that small orb burnt up on re-entry the US apparently has an artificial satellite still out there somewhere…