NASA travel cuts: Bolden breaks own rules and goes to banned conference

by | Mar 20, 2013 | Seradata News | 2 comments

Having tried to show solidarity with his work force over the recent travel cuts by disbarring himself from all but very essential national and internetional conferences, NASA’s Administrator, Major Gen Charles Bolden, caused a fury of criticism by then appearing to break his own travel restrictions. Specifically, Bolden attended the American Astronautical Society’s Goddard Memorial Symposium as a speaker – a conference he specifically disbarred NASA employees from attending. 

Comment by David Todd:  Leading by hypocritical example? While the financial cost of his visit may be small or even zero as Bolden claims, there does now appear to be one rule for NASA’s management and another for the rest of its workers. Having made a series of errors and verbal gaffes in the past for which he just about got away with, Bolden may not survive this one. 

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