credit: Flight / caption: Griffin spoke to Flight on a visit to London in December 2006 

The blogosphere has been getting very excited about NASA administrator Michael Griffin’s comments at an “all-hands” meeting about the likelihood of his staying on and serving the next adminisration

Hyperbola reported on Griffin’s possible departure last July. Hyperbola was present when Griffin told an audience at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s AirVenture air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, about his personal preferences for how he could serve

Griffin accurately points out that it is up to the Obama presidency whether he continues and that historically his position as an appointee of the previous administration leaves him with little choice but to tender his resignation as a matter of course

For those of you rubbing your hands with glee at the prospects of the departure of an administrator who bluntly says what he thinks, the credit crunch and economic downturn is unlikely to see the Obama administration, with its tax cutting and green energy technology revolution agenda, throw huge amounts of cash at NASA to fix what anyone might see as a underfunded programmes