VIDEO: NASA’s Bolden in Baikonur with groovy soundtrack

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Hyperbola wonders if the personal musical tastes of the respective agencies’ heads influenced the music that accompanies this 6min 42s Roscosmos tv video but it starts out with what sounds like traditional Kazahk music and segways into a cover of The Beatles’ Back in the USSR (this bloggers favourite Beatles song) and then has what this editorial office’s staff think is Marvin Gaye’s What’s Goin On and then goes for some Russian hard rock – translations welcome

Beyond the video’s musical arrangement (and some bizarre singing by the astronauts just prior to boarding the Soyuz) you’ll see the preparation and launch of Soyuz TMA-16 to the International Space Station. While during the Moscow mission control sequence you can spot NASA space operations chief Bill Gerstenmaier, Roscomos deputy head Vitaly Davyidov and former NASA astronaut and now Boeing space exploration vice president Brewster Shaw. Otherwise just watch the video for the Baikonur scenery and ponder on the fact that the two heads of agencies are former Generals who once led opposing forces

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