New NASA video reveals Constellation vehicle changes

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This screenshot is taken from a new NASA video and shows the Orion crew exploration vehicle approaching the Ares V Earth departure stage that has circular solar arrays and an Altair lunar lander, which are different to previous designs shown in NASA videos – see below and in extended portion

Thanks to Hyperbola reader Ned for bringing this to my attention. I will see what comment I can get from NASA about the apparent changes in the video. Click through to the extended portion for more new video images

This lunar lander seems to be a habitat with windows visible in what could be doors and on top of it there appears to be an ascent module. While the picture immediately below shows the launch and entry spacesuit and a three-display glass flightdeck, similar to this


While this image shows the point of view of the astronauts as the Orion docks with Altair in Earth orbit. Note the flightdeck design again

This video and other NASA movies can also be found here

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