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The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has announced that it has carried out observations using two of Kaguya lunar orbiter’s onboard sensors, the laser altimeter and sounder mode of the lunar radar sounder

However JAXA has not been so lucky with an Earth observation satellite

While in Russia Khrunichev Space Center prepares one of its Proton rockets for a satellite launch

As Proton user, International Launch Services, celebrates its first year separate from Lockheed Martin Eutelsat places an oder for a new spacecraft from EADS Astrium

And, care of, Popular Mechanics has this article about an allegedly radical new solar energy technology. Reading it I am highly dubious it works. I agree with some of the comments below the article. Hydrogen is not an easy element to work with. It has to be cryogenically stored for many applications, and I would imagine for a heat transfer device like the one described, that is also necessary. Many materials are very porous where hydrogen is concerned so the idea of using such a gas in a “closed system” sounds bogus

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