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credit ESA / caption: what is it? click on the image to see a larger version in the same browser window

Go through to the extended portion of this blog post to read this edition of News Bites but for fun have a guess at what the above image is of and write your answers in the comments box. The letters I and G should be ignored as they were scribbled onto the image by an unknown former Flight International magazine staff member way back in 1982 – if that is any clue…So here it goes for the latest news bites edition that is going global (isn’t it always?)

The Chinese and their communist government are getting ready to reach the red planet and in another surprise update to the China National Space Administration’s website read all about the CNSA’s administrator visiting his Mars mission’s scientists – for the motherland!!

While further west in Moscow the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) Anatoly Perminov met with the regional officials overseeing the construction of the new Vostochny cosmodrome. I am assuming it is in Moscow at Roscosmos’ HQ and not Vostochny as in the background of the picture (Perminov is on the left furthest from the camera) there is a table with rocket models and a Roscosmos flag

Staying in Russia S P Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia and Khrunichev Space Center are telling it how it is. While Energia wants the world to know it is no longer involved with ILS International Launch Services, Khrunichev has added to its English language press release webpage a graphic on the right hand side entitled Government Awards

It shows emblems of state awarded medals the company has won. Anyone care to know how many Orders of Lenin, or of October Revolution, Khrunichev has won? You can click on the graphic but it goes nowhere. Wait a while and I’ll add images of my Scout badges to Hyperbola…

And finally for more eastern mystery we come to the end of this hemispherical journey with Romania’s ARCA and their latest posting about Justin Capra, Romanian inventor that has a video that needs to be seen to be believed – how good is your Romanian?