No more space tourism for Russia’s Myasishchev Design Bureau

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MDB space tourism M-91 W560.jpg

credit: Myasishchev Design Bureau/Flight / caption: Myasishchev’s concept for air launched suborbital tourism

Sources at Russia’s United Aircraft (UA) have informed Hyperbola that the Myasishchev Design Bureau is being absorbed into the state run aviation company, created in 2006, and its headquarters is to be bulldozed so the Russian Federal government can sell the land in central MoscowMyasishchev had been involved in a space tourism feasibility study for an undisclosed Russian organisation but that has ended and all of its activities will now be focused on design work for UA with no more work on space related studies

The design bureau had been involved with the Space Adventures suborbital tourism venture when it was announced in February 2006

But by October 2006 another major partner in that tourism effort, investment company Prodea, had begun to sound less than firm on how the project might move forward

And then in February 2007 during a trip to the European spaceport in French Guiana where Federal Space Agency head Anatoly Perminov was present Flight was informed by the space chief that his agency had no involvement in the project

The work for the undisclosed Russian partner appeared to follow on from the Space Adventures study but since the October 2007 posting on Myasishchev’s news website there has been total silence on the project

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