Oiling the reaction wheels of space commerce?

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For those of you that have a small fortune and would like to make it even smaller here is an event to explain how to do it, by becoming a space industry entrepreneur

The state of Virginia continues to progress with its zero tax law for space businesses

Alliant Techsystems has had its own business problems with its move to increase its Canadian presence

No doubt that company is also eagerly awaiting the outcome of the Commercial Orbital Transportation Service progamme phase one space act agreement award decision by NASA, now expected this Friday, on 8 February

Following the launch of the Russian Express-AM33 telecom satellite on a Khrunichev Space Center Proton last week, we can expect the launch of the Samara Space Centre Soyuz-U booster with the Energia Progress M-63 cargo ship tomorrow
credit: S P Korolev Energia rocket and space corporationNASA has renewed its cooperation deal with India

That deal apparently includes human spaceflight work and India is considering its own manned programme. Whatever capsule design the country’s space agency, ISRO, comes up with I’d recommend they avoid any issues with hoses. Something that probably won;t be botherign ISRO’s Sun mission

It is odd that India, a democracy with a substantial rocket programme, has not been included in International Space Station while reams is written about why China, a one party communist state, is not involved. Either way the prospects of there being a station, if they ever had the opportunity to join, has got better with a successful spacealk that saw the station’s starboard solar array issues ameliorated

For more Explorer one satellite anniversary goodness go here

The engineers of that small 13.6kg (30lb) orb could probably never imagine that decades later larger 1,000lb spacecraft would be the stuff of warfare

I have no idea whether space war is on the minds of California Institute of Technology’s (CalTech) engineers but they got a multi-million dollar boost from the Keck Foundation recently

Whatever space technology Caltech indulges in with that Keck dosh the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is preparing to launch its high speed internet satellite Kizuna.

Or you can go here for JAXA info on the exploitation of data from its Daichi satellite or here for the agency’s announcement for its Global Change Observation Mission

And finally, staying in Asia, according to this, China’s first man in space, Yang Liwei, says everything is great, so that’s alright then…

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