On a lighter note: Dr Who fans plot to put Tardis into orbit

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While the Tardis (TARDIS – Time and Relative Dimension in Space) transporter of the fictional time traveller “The Doctor” has yet to be seen in space, that time could soon be near – or at least on a small scale.  For a bunch of “Whovians” – those fans of the Dr Who science fiction BBC television series and spin-off films – have donated more than $88,000 to place a model of the Tardis into orbit.  In this case the Tardis will be based on a cubesat kit provided by Interorbital who plan to offer such kits and launches on their Neptune rockets starting in November this year.   There is no news yet about whetherPeter Capaldi – the latest actor to take the Dr Who lead role – is involved.

Comment by David Todd: This is a fun idea.  The spring loaded model is apparently going to erect itself once in orbit.  But when it comes to Whovians though, where is a Dalek bent on extermination when you need one? 🙂



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