On a lighter note: “James T. Kirk” gets declined from British Airways flight as his name sounded fishy

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Scottish Nationalist Party MP Alex Salmond, who stepped down as Scotland’s First Minister after the Scottish vote for independence was lost (he was replaced by that other big fish in the Scottish Nationalist Party, Nicola Sturgeon) has had to take different security measures now that he has lost his body guards. As such, when he flies Salmond likes to do so under a pseudonym. The problem was that the one he chose was not believable to British Airways staff: Salmond had called himself James T. Kirk (the ‘T’ is for Tiberius), the fictional captain on the Star Trek TV and film series’ star ship Enterprise, even though, as the Seradata Space Intelligence blog has pointed out, there really is a Captain James Kirk out there.

British Airways eventually let him aboard the internal flight from London’s Heathrow Airport to Scotland but only after a few frantic phone calls sorted the problem out.

According to the report in the Mail on Sunday newspaper,  Star Trek fan, Salmond, has declared that in future he will choose another Star Trek character although saying that it would “not be Mr Spock because that would be illogical”.

Our betting is that he will choose the name of Engineering Officer, Montgomery Scott, aka “Scotty” as Salmond even noted that he originally wanted BA to “beam me up, Scotty”.

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