On a lighter note: Whether you have joystick trouble or altitude sickness…Viagra is the answer says MOD

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While experienced pilots and even astronauts have been found to be susceptible to altitude sickness and low blood pressure, there could be a cure via an unusual use of the drug Viagra.  Or so the UK Ministry of Defence apparently claims as a riposte to a press story.

In the original press story in the Daily Mail, it was reported that circa £6,000 of items including the anti-impotance drug Viagra was stolen from RAF base at Marham, Norfolk.  On its official news blog the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has rebutted some of the report’s claims and hinted innuendo (no pun intended).

The official statement, which noted that the Viagra in question was much less than portrayed, also indicated that the drug had a much more important aerospace function in addition to its commonly accepted use:  “The story claims that £5,885 worth of Viagra has been stolen. This is inaccurate as the medical supplies stolen included an amount of Viagra, but were not limited solely to Viagra. The article also does not reflect that Viagra has other medical uses; for example it is also often used to treat low blood pressure and altitude sickness.”   

Well maybe so, just so long as the drug does not induce a sudden rush of blood from the head that is.

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