Neil and Gene Altair December 2008.jpg
credit: NASA / caption: (L-R) foreground, Neil Armstrong, Gene Cernan, background, Wayne Ottinger, Jack Schmitt  

NASA has released this image of Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong and Apollo 17 commander Eugene ‘Gene’ Cernan touring one of the agency’s Altair Lunar Lander mock-ups at its Johnson Space Center on 9 December. Behind Cernan is Harrison ‘Jack’ Schmitt, Cernan’s fellow Apollo 17 crew member and lunar module pilot 

Armstrong, the first man on the Moon, and Cernan, the last for now, were looking at concepts for Altair living quarters. Cernan is the only man to have flown the Apollo lunar module on two missions in lunar orbit. Once on a practice descent to 40,000ft above the lunar surface during the May 1969 Apollo 10 flight and again for the final Apollo mission, Apollo 17, in 1972

Armstrong and Cernan visited Johnson and talked with the Altair project office team about design concepts. In the background is Wayne Ottinger, who worked on the Apollo lunar lander training vehicle