PICTURES: Russia’s Mini Research Module 1

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Russian MRM1 A.JPG

credit: Spacehab

Russia’s S P Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia built Mini Research Module (MRM1) will be taken to ISS on mission STS-132, the Space Shuttle Discovery’s last known mission scheduled for April 2010. The MRM1 will carry in it spare parts, research hardware, and consumables. Once installed it will act as a docking port extension for the Russian Soyuz and Progress vehicles and providing additional storage capacity

Russian MRM1 B.JPG

credit: Spacehab

Spacehab is providing the processing services for MRM1 to be transferred to Discovery’s payload bay. The Shuttle trunnions are part of that interface with the payload bay. Russia will launch MRM2 using a Soyuz rocket and it has talked about additional modules for ISS. The ERA Arm referred to in the first picture is the European Space Agency supplied European Robotic Arm

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