PICTURES: SpaceShipTwo unveil ceremony

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In this blog post will be a series of images from the unveiling ceremony and party for SpaceShipTwo on 7 December 2009 at Mojave air and spaceport

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three peeps.JPG
Thumbnail image for unveil 1.JPGcredit Flight/Alan Radecki / caption: WK2/SS2 launch system and above (L-R) Will Whitehorn, Richard Branson, Stephen Attenborough

scaled lineup.JPG
credit: Flight/Alan Radecki / caption: Scaled Composites project team for Tier 1b

credit: Flight/Alan Radecki / caption: inside the rent, like the matching jackets

then and now.JPG
credit: Flight/Alan Radecki / caption: near and faraway… 

unveil 2b.JPG
credit Flight/Alan Radecki / caption: SpaceShipTwo and mothership bathed in blue light

unveil 3b.JPG
credit Flight/Alan Radecki / caption: Governors Richardson and Schwarzenegger smash bottles over SpaceShipTwo to name it VMS Enterprise

credit Flight/Alan Radecki / caption: photos for everyone!

blue 2.JPG
credit Flight/Alan Radecki / caption: More arty blue shots

credit: Flight/Alan Radecki / caption: in all its glory

ss2 up close b.JPG
credit: Flight/Alan Radecki / caption: SS2 up close and personal

starboard rear.jpg
port rear.jpg

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