altair descent stage ascendsW445.JPG

credit NASA/Flight / caption: NASAWatch’s reusable lander presentation looks nothing like Altair 

Back in February NASA’s head of its Altair lunar lander project office Kathy Laurini spoke to Flight about the agency’s ideas for a reusable or recycleable lander. A few days earlier NASA exploration expert Wendell Mendell had mentioned the reuse of landers during an event held here in London

And now NASAWatch has apparently obtained a presentation for such a lander, which I believe is called a “side loader”. Is it just me or does that look very much like a Gerry Anderson SPACE: 1999 Eagle?

When I spoke to companies bidding for Altair conceptual design contracts at the National Space Symposium at the beginning of this month they said that a reusable or recycleable lander would mean substantial architecture changes