black cab sketch.JPG
credit: Rick Newlands / caption: like SpaceShipOne and Two Black cab would have a feathering function

Carrying expendable second and third stages Black Cab would reach an apogee of about 250km (155miles) after coasting following main engine cut off, having released its payload once its indicated air speed had dropped to 40kt (74km/h). Black Cab would have been air launched at about 50,000ft (15,250m) but could make a parachute landing into the sea after a hypersonic glide re-entry at about Mach 6. Depending on its proximity to an air field the vehicle could also make an autonomous return

Newlands’ British nanosat launcher presentation that includes data on Black Cab can be downloaded here. Designed for a presentation given at the 2009 UK Space Conference  Newlands has since been contracted to undertake an analysis of expendable and reusable options for LauncherOne