Roscosmos offers 15-month $23.4 million ACTS contract

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acts tender.JPG

credit Roscosmos / caption: in case the link to the Google translation page does not work

Following on from this blog posting about Russia’s Soyuz TMA replacement I have found the tender on the Roscosmos website and it appears a contractor or contractors will be selected on 6 April

If this link to a Google translation of the original Russian Federal Space Agency tender website page doesn’t work then some of the detail can be seen in the above screen grab. At the bottom of the tender page is a link to documents that can be downloaded, the RFP documents, while the webpage text is, I guess, a synopsis

As can be seen above the contract submission deadline is today and the work is supposed to start straight away, or maybe they just include in the contract payment for work done for the tender?

My guess is that this contract is for early design work and maybe to downselect to the prime contractor if more than one company gets awarded anything, but I would bet the final outcome will see S P Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia design ACTS

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