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The head of the Russian Federal Space Agency aka Roscosmos, Anatoly Perminov, was interviewed by the Voice of Russia radio station today. You can read about the interview in English here at the radio station’s website. The station also reports two problems with NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavour and the launch of Bolivia’s space agency – beating the UK to the punch

Agence France Presse reports alleged Russian intentions to hike NASA astronaut seat prices after 2012 and NASA has released its synopsis for buying Soyuz seats through Q2 2014

The Roscosmos news page reveals that the Multi-purpose Research Module Poisk has had its computer replaced. The new computer terminal arrived with the Progress vehicle M-04M. The news page also qoutes an official saying that International Space Station extension to 2020 will see additional Russian modules if a decision is taken in March but we already knew that new modules were in the offing

Perminov held a meeting at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center and pictures can be found here at the Roscosmos news webpage. The English language report suggests that Russia plans a major expansion for the famous city for cosmonaut training. The GCTC, also known as Star City, became a civilian Roscosmos run facility last year after decades as a military centre reports NASA and Roscosmos thinking about cooperation on new rocket engines using new sources of energy – nuclear perhaps? Go here for an interview with a Russian academic about the prospects for nuclear energy in space – you’ll need to use Google translate if you don’t read Russian

But to watch existing rockets do their thing go here for a live webcast of two launches taking place tomorrow on 12 February

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