Seradata Releases New SpaceTrak Analytics Tools

SpaceTrak3, Seradata’s market leading launch and satellite database, benefits from further enhancement with this week’s release of a new Analytics menu containing three interactive analytical tools:

  • Launch Market Analysis Tool
  • Launch Vehicle Related Failure Rate Tool
  • Spacecraft Failure Analysis Tool

The new SpaceTrak3 which Seradata released in April already came with a powerful query tool, but that requires customers who want time-series trend charts to export and manipulate the data in Excel.  The new tools save time by extracting the data required and then build the output tables and charts in a few seconds.

Typical analyses which clients are likely to use the new tools for are: numbers of launches achieved in given years by launch country (see chart below); or similar by orbit or vehicle type etc.  Likewise, the new tools also provide reliability trends for launch vehicle and satellite buses as well as for wider classes such as ‘Heavy launch Vehicles’ or for those satellites in Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) which have ‘Communications’ as their primary mission.

Tim Fuller, Managing Director of Seradata said: “We already understood that that our launch and satellite data is very valuable to our clients, but we wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to use and manipulate this data. These new query tools should save our clients time and money in this respect.”

Launches in given year by Launch County - Source Seradata SpaceTrak Databae :

Launches in given year by Launch County – Source Seradata SpaceTrak Database