Space News bites for 31 July

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NASA has posted a press release about the International Lunar Network (ILN) that the World’s major space agencies are discussing

Details about the ILN could be read here in a Flightglobal article back in May

Talking of the Moon go here for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s high-definition video of the Moon taken by its Kaguya probe

The European Space Agency meanwhile has posted some detail about what is to be considered at its member states’ ministerial conference in four months time in November, which to me suggests that the agency is confident about the outcome

Russia’s Federal Space Agency report’s on its website about a Chinese visit to Lavochkin to discuss co-operation that could include a Chinese micro-satellite going to Mars

Go here for details about the company selected to help with the development of NASA’s Lockheed Martin Orion crew exploration vehicle guidance system

According to things are not looking to bright for Soyuz in French Guiana with the maiden launch slipping apparently to 2011

I like this comment by Rocketsandsuch about Ares I-X linked to through Clark Lindsey’s RLV website

And finally happy birthday NASA. Due to AirVenture I haven’t had the time to produce a good blog post with lots of NASA history material. But as Flight is 100 years old this year our online archive that contains every issue going back to 1909 is a great resource for finding reports on the very earliest days of rocketry, NASA’s predecessor NACA and the agency’s astronautics and aeronautics work since its inception

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