Space Renaissance update: Buzz Aldrin has no involvement

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credit Hyperbola / caption: Buzz Aldrin chats to media at Virgin Galactic’s 28 July 2008 WhiteKnight Two roll out 

Hyperbola has spoken to a representative of Dr Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and told that Aldrin was never going to attend the Space Renaissance press conference that the organisers said would take place at the British Interplanetary Society in London, UK

An email purporting to come from Aldrin’s staff and sent to one of the organisers of the Space Renaissance press conference was given to Hyperbola but Aldrin’s staff deny any knowledge of the email or the person who forwarded it; it is all as mysterious as the alleged face on Mars

In an email linked to Hyperbola the

Dear Feng,

Dr. Aldrin asked me to email you and make clear that effective
immediately he would like you to discontinue any use of his name
involved with your projects including:

·         the paper referenced as the “Feng/Hsu paper”

·         the paper entitled, “Sustainable Space Exploration and Space
Development – A Unified Strategic Vision” listing Buzz as a co-author
of this chapter.

·         any Forward or Preface by Buzz Aldrin for your book

·         Any projects that you currently are using his name for

Dr. Aldrin also demands that you retract the use of his name and input
and make clear that he is not involved with your projects in any way
and that  you do not represent yourself as an agent on behalf of Buzz
Aldrin in any way including offering him for appearances such as the
one in London. The only official offices that will grant any confirmed
involvement will come from our offices by me, Christina Rasch or Lisa
Cannon, our company president. I have cc’d Lisa on this email also as
she is not only our company president but also the legal counsel for
Buzz and StarBuzz, LLC.

If you do not take action immediately to disassociate Buzz Aldrin from
your projects, books, papers, etc…we will take strong action. If the
reversal of Buzz’s involvement is not to his satisfaction he will go
to the head of the departments at Goddard and NASA headquarters. We
prefer to not have to take stronger action so please act accordingly.


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