Over the weekend the International Space Station’s remote robotic manipulator, Canadarm2, temporarily hands off the P6 truss structure to Space Shuttle Discovery’s robotic manipulator system, Canadarm, and below is Rocketplane Global’s new design.
NEWrocketplanedesignW445.jpgFind below an assorted set of links covering the X Prize Cup event at Holloman AFB and other stuff that’s sort of related…

“Doom” creator Jon Carmack’s Armadillo Aerospace failed to win the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge by 7s

This is New Scientist’s story on Armadillo Aerospace’s endeavours and here is it’s report on the first test flight of the aircraft for the Rocket Racing League

Here’s Personal Spaceflight blog author Jeff Foust’s take on things, his report about an X Prize press conference, some photos of day one care of Jeff of the X Prize Cup event itself and then there’s some of Jeff’s video of Armadillo Aerospace’s flight attempt(s) and here’s even more video

For a comprehensive rundown of day two of the X Prize Cup event go to these pages at Hobbyspace.com


Transterrestrial Musing’s Rand Simberg takes a pot shot at EADS Astrium’s Spacejet

Here there is some detail about the Personal Spaceflight Executive Summit held last week and Orbital Outfiters unveiling of its new spacesuit and here is a picture of it.

Apparently some possible deal between New Space company PlanetSpace and aerospace behemoth Lockheed Martin is not going to happen now

Here is a roundup of earlier problems for Armadillo and another one, and another one

Here is Rocketplane’s latest design for its XP suborbital vehicle

Space teachers are now wanted for some worthy cause according to MSNBC’s Alan Boyle’s Cosmic Log