Sputnik week’s first few news bites

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While you’re mulling over the first 50 years of spaceflight since Sputnik, chew on these morsels

Japan’s Kaguya probe has taken a high definition quality pictrue of the Earth, check it out here

Aviation Week and Space Technology looks at the growing coordination between space faring nations

Another section of US society beyond Congress starts to worry about the rise of Asia’s space programmes

MSNBC tries to claim that Sputnik wasn’t a shock, something a video interview Flight has in the works, with a journalist who worked for the BBC back in 1957 would strongly disagree with

Hobbyspace.com has some video links to New Space craziness; some other links to other whacky issues; news about Operationally Responsive Space; an interview with Franklin Chang Diaz; more Sputnik related bobbins and super-dooper propulsion here.

Space Politics takes issue with a speech by NASA chief Mike Griffin

Space.com hears private space station developer Bigelow Aerospace’s concerns about the ability of the transportation industry to get its potential clients to its LEO outposts

NASA is also catching Sputnik fever

CNN.com has news of a TPS tile test to be carried out on the next Shuttle mission

European Space Agency has a couple of things to report, it has successfuly tested the software for its International Space Station supplying Automated Transfer Vehicle and has got the got ahead by its member states to go to stage two of the GMES project’s segement one, whatever that means?

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