starchaser ESA report coverW445.JPG

credit: ESA

UK rocket developer Starchaser Industries has a link on its website to the executive summary of the report it produced for the European Space Agency under a €150,000 contract
The Starchaser report details the company’s proposed suborbital launch system. It uses liquid propulsion while the company has now been focusing on solid fuel “hybrid” propulsion and has gained £130,000 of funding from England’s regional North West Development Agency for engine research work

According to the blog, Starchaser has abandoned plans for its New Mexico based-Rocket City idea and is looking to locate itself elsewhere. The company had been looking to operate from New Mexico’s Spaceport America

In June Starchaser boss Steve Bennett told me in an email that his Rocket City plans were “on hold”. Rockeeters says that its information came from an email to a journalist but its link to a story by the New Mexico newspaper Las Cruces Sun News no longer works

Starchaser announced in July that it would launch the UK’s largest rocket in September next year

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