progress m66.jpg

credit S P Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation / caption: Progress M66 is processed

I found a couple of Russian and Chinese items today. Energia has been posting photo reports of the progress, as it were, of the Progress M66 cargo resupply vehicle and at the Russian Federal Space Agency there are photos of a Proton rocket being prepared for its launchWhile over at the rarely updated China National Space Administration website there is an odd posting of a press release dated today about the Shenzhou-7 mission but I also found this, a Chinese state media report, with exactly the same wording and published almost a month before. Well done CNSA!

I check the website regularly despite its severe lack of updates so was surprised to find this posting that was dated December last year that has a Moon map produced by China’s probe, Chang’e-1, you remember, the one with the dodgy camera. You can find various recent satellite launch reports at the CNSA website as well