Sadly at the moment I am among the enthusists for subsonic tubes with a sticky out bit called a wing

This Farnborough air show is severely lacking in all things space and part of the reason is the British National Space Centre is apparently saving all its pennies for the International Astronautical Congress that is being held in Glasgow later this year – well I can’t blame them but should a member of the G8 be unable to fund both?

While I eeek out the time and stories to meet my blogging qouta I can report that I interviewed NASA administrator Michael Griffin today and, technology willing, that should become a podcast you can download tomorrow. Then on Wednesday I have a pre-written blog entry about a new issue for the Constellation programme

As for the rest of the week, it will come round soon enough

The interview with Griffin spanned issues such as the recent problems with the Soyuz capsules, the NASA authorisation bill, the challenge of changing administrations and more