The UK Government, via the UK Space Agency and the Technology Strategy Board, is to grant nearly £6 million to four projects as part of the National Space Technology Programme (NSTP). The funding is to be awarded to projects run by Astrium Ltd, Avanti Communications Ltd, DMC International Imaging Ltd and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. 

Astrium Ltd:  Project to begin the development of the Next Generation Telecommunications satellite platform.  The work is focused on developing the mechanical platform architecture for future European telecommunications satellites in the 3 to 6 tonne range.  This project will also prepare UK companies to take leading roles in future European Space Agency programmes to develop telecommunication space technologies:


Avanti Communications Ltd: Project to develop a ruggedised and light-weight portable Ka-Band satcom terminal.  This “suitcase” terminal will provide portable and mobile access to the latest generation of high bandwidth satellite broadband services.


DMC International Ltd:  Project to develop a system and service for measuring land carbon stocks and fluxes from Satellite Earth observation data.  This service will provide much higher resolution services than are currently available and enable the monitoring and trading of carbon credits and similar commercial tools for tackling climate change.


Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL):  Project to prepare the way for the planned UK NovaSAR Synthetic aperture radar mission by accelerating the technology development of an innovative S-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar instrument.