Video: Sunita’s most excellent tour of the International Space Station

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While Hyperbola still rates NASA’s Skylab space station of the 1970s as probably the best so far, (it was the most cost effective in using Saturn V hardware and had the a diameter so large that astronauts could stretch out without touching the walls) it has to be noted that the International Space Station is very impressive as well (even it it was very costly to build). Equating roughly to a bunch of caravans attached to each other in space, its 3D maze-like interior gives it feel of being a cross between a multi-roomed small house and a submarine. 

You can see this for yourself, thanks to NASA TV which shows a tour as presented by astronaut Sunita Williams. The footage was downlinked to Earth the day before she departed back to Earth on 19 November. This most excellent tour of all the modules of the staiton includes a brief look at the Soyuz TMA-05M spacecraft which Sunita Williams returned to Earth inside (along with Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and  Japanese Flight Engineer Aki Hoshide). A recommended and most enlightening watch at 25 minutes long.

. Courtesy: NASATV

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