VIDEO: Danish rocket team test fire hybird rocket

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First HATV test 8 Mar 2009, video montage with timecodes from Sonny W. on Vimeo.

credit: Copenhagen Suborbital / caption: never under estimate the Vikings  

The above rocket, the Danish Copenhagen Suborbital team’s Hybrid Atmospheric Test Vehicle (HATV) uses nitrous oxide, following in Burt Rutan’s footsteps. Go to the team’s website for some more impressive videos of their propulsion technology. The website also lists what they are workng on and for a non-commercial project it is pretty good: 

Heat shield testing
2 HATV booster rockets
Launch tower
HATV launch manifest
Spacecraft design
Test-rig for HATV-booster test

Of the European amateur rocket work I am aware (admittedly not much) this development of hybrid technology seems pretty good

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