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On this sort of trajectory if any of you wealthy Hyperbola readers choose to splash your cash on a space tourism flight in the near future you might want to make sure your service providers include g tolerance training so you can avoid g induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC)

At the 3rd International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety conference, held in Rome in October, Worldview Spaceflight  subcontractor cum operations director Andrew Quinn, also an independent consultant to undisclosed space tourism companies, gave a presentation about centrifuge training for space tourism safety purposes

He showed videos of himself using a centrifuge for his masters degree research in May 2006 and then again in 2007, during early partnership discussions between Worldview Spaceflight and UK technology company Qinetiq

Qinetiq’s centrifuge in Farnborough, England, was the facility used on both occasions. Quinn says Qinetiq are interested in providing centrifuge services to organisations looking to offer space tourism 

click through to the extended portion of this blog post to watch the videos of Quinn using techniques to cope with 4g and 6g and avoiding G-LOC